Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 5th June 2019


Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 5th June 2019 at 1900 hrs at IE(I) Office, Faridabad.  

12 Members confirmed attending the meeting.

Following Members were present :-

  1. Sandeep Handa (Honorary Secretary)
  2. J.P. Singh
  3. K.R. Gupta
  4. Manu Bindra
  5. K.K. Gupta
  6. D.K.Dewan
  7. Pradeep Kumar
  8. Pradeep Mallah
  9. A.K. Sehgal
  10. Sushil K Bajaj
  11. I.S. Chauhan
  12. Pankaj Kumar

The following members were not present in the meeting-

  1. Er. Subhash CHANDER (Chairman)
  2. Er. N.D. Arora
  3. Er. K.K. Narula
  4. Er. J.P. Malhotra


Since Chairman could not attend the meeting, in lieu of this,  the members present suggested for the nomination of Er. J.P. Singh, Immediate Past Chairman as the session Chairman. He was requested to chair the meeting which he kindly agreed upon.

Er. J.P. Singh welcomed all the members present and National Anthem was sung by all the members.

ITEM 1        To consider and approve the Minutes of the last FLCC Meeting held on 13th April 2019.

  • Minutes of the last Meeting was approved by house unanimously. 

ITEM 2        To inform the house about technical activity calendar for the session 2019-20. 

2.1              The new calendar was shared with the committee highlighting and covering all the statutory events and days.

2.2              In addition three more activities has been planned in the month of July and August.

2.3              A National Seminar has also been planned for Jan/ Feb 2020.

ITEM 3        To inform the house about Summer 2019 Examinations.

 3.1              Honorary Secretary informed the house that we had two challenges in the Summer 2019 Examinations.

(i) Delivery of Question Papers

(ii) Material Pick up.

Both Challenges were lined up with the HQ and amicably resolved.

3.2              Examinations were held without any untoward incident.

ITEM 4        To inform the house about update on office space

     The temporary accommodation which was promised by VC, YMCA has been identified and allocated by the Executive Engineer of YMCA. The final approval and office order from VC’s office is pending. This should be finalized by next week.

  •     K.K. Gupta  shared, for space at NHPC the process has been               communicated to us but the officers have not been able to give us a confirm date.  The latest status is that the file has been put on to ministry.
  •     Sushil Bajaj suggested for an option to be explored at CIDC, Sector 20, Faridabad.

ITEM 5        To inform the house about update on ongoing litigation

 5.1     The legal committee has finally again reverted back to advocate Sunil Kumar Bakshi instead of Advocate A.N. Sharma as the out of court settlement and progress was not understood by the Committee.

5.2     To represent IE(I),  initial payment of Rs. 11,000/- has been paid.

5.3     The note reply has also been approved by Chairman and Hon’ Secretary for representing the cases weakness and invalidity. 

ITEM 6        To inform the house about upcoming Elections for the session 2019-2021  

6.1               The regular once in a 2 year election process was shared. The formation of BOS was communicated which is secretive, so the names were not disclosed.

6.2              The number of vacancies for each branch was communicated.

6.3              The amount of Rs. 3000/- for the members filing for the nomination was also explained.

6.4              After the first BOS meeting and approval the complete process would be shared to all the members.

6.5              Further to this, the nomination for Chairman and Hon’ Secretary was also raised. The name of Mr. Sandeep Handa as Chairman and Mr. K.R. Gupta as Hon’ Secretary for the session 2019-2021 was discussed. 

ITEM 7        Any other point with the permission of the Chair

                  With no other points Chairman adjourned the meeting.

Er. Sandeep Handa , FIE

Honorary Secretary