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The Institution of Engineers (India) Faridabad Local Centre celebrated its World Water Day on 22 nd March 2019 at Haryana State Productivity Council, Faridabad. for more details CLICK HERE


Energy Conservation Day celebrated by The Institution of Engineers- Faridabad in association with NSIC Neemka-Faridabad dated 14-12-2018. Event Glimpses are below.

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Engineers Day Glimpses
Technical Session on IOT and AI in GPW Faridabad 4 & 5TH Sept 2018 
The Institution of Engineers (India) in association with Govt. Polytechnic college organised a two days pre event for Engineers day on 4th and 5 th September respectively. Event Successfully proceeded  in presence of Er. Sandeep Handa Honorary Secretary The Institution Of Engineers Faridabad Local center. The speakers of Event Were MS. Monika Anand (Director Nitya Uthaan Society), MS. Charu Malhotra ( CEO TAP-DC), MS. Anjali Ray ( Student IT YMCA), Er. Pradeep Dimri (Prof Eletx. YMCA) . Er. K. R. Gupta , Er. Pankaj Kuamr, MS. Rashmi nair, Mr. Sonu & Santosh from IEI and Sh Anil Pasrija (Technical Club GPW) , Sh Padam Singh (TPO GPW) , MS. Sonia & MS. Neelam Rathi (Comp. Dept. GPW) coordinated for Event Success with the permission of Principal GPW Faridabad. Detailed Report of Event will be updated soon.
Glimpses of 5th Sept. Quiz Session.
Some Glimpses of 4th Sept. Exam & Lecture Session.
GPW 04 09 2018 8
GPW 04 09 2018 N7
GPW 04 09 2018 N5
GPW 04 09 2018 N1
GPW 04 09 2018 N8
GPW 04 09 2018 N3
GPW 04 09 2018 N2
GPW 04 09 2018 N6
GPW 04 09 2018 N4
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Some Glimpses of NSIC Visit 4 August 2018,  Detailed Report will be updated soon
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 14A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 25A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 7A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 13A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 12A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 21A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 10A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 15A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 24A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 22A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 1A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 20A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 17A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 16A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 11A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 9A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 8A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 6A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 5A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 4A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 3A
NSIC 4th Aug 2018 2A
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Painting Competition - 21 March 2018

The Painting competition is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent among     the Engineers, The Institution of Engineers celebrates its statuary days, 22nd March is celebrated as world water day. The Theme for 2018 is "Nature For Water". The Institution of Engineers- Faridabad Local Centre organized painting    competition in association with Government  Polytechnic For Womens Faridabad.

ER. Pankaj Kumar ( IEI- Division Computer Engg.) , MS. Meenu Verma (Vice Principle GPW Faridabad) and IEI staff members MS. Rashmi, Mr Sonu, Mr Santosh, With GPW Faridabad staff MS. Reena, MS. Sonia & MS. Neelem Participated in Lamp Lighting & announced for starting painting competition.Ninety seven Students participated in the Event. Best 10 paintings were selected by staff of GPW Faridabad.

SMT. Kiran Chander presented the Painting Competition Prizes, in Pre-activity of World Water Day 21st March 2018 in GPW Faridabad. Top 10 students painting selected by panel. Chairman of Institutions of Engineers Faridabad Local center ER. Subhash CHANDER, JT. Secretary  Er. K. R. Gupta and Vice Principle GPW Faridabad SMT. Meenu Verma blessed the participants with their presence. Honorary Secretary Er. Sandeep Handa acted as the soul of event.

Sr. Lecturers SH. Padam Singh , MS. Reena, MS. Sonia, MS. Neelam, MS. Preeti Bhandari, Sh. Rajesh Dhawan, Sh. Sandeep from GPW Faridabad made this event "The Biggest day in the history" of IEI- Faridabad Local Center & GPW Faridabad as a first event in association. The best painting selected are displayed here.

The Shruti Nanda and Neha from architecture department of GPW wins the Ist first prize.

2 nd Prize Priyanka Electronics and Communication Engineering
3 rd Prize Swesha Mechanical Enngineering
4 th Prize Naina Architectural 
5 th Prize Deepti Sharma Architectural Assistantship
6 th Prize Sakshi Jalan Diploma in Business 
7 th Prize Anani Saifi Architectural Assistantship
8 th Prize Gunjan Fashion Designing
9 th Prize Ritu Kumari Computer Science Engineering




World Water Day 2018

A Painting Competition , on the THEME of “ Nature for Water “ was organized on 21st March 2018 at Government Polytechnic College for Women, Faridabad where Ms. Kiran Chander, Chairperson – M/s TECHNO UDYOG , Faridabad , was the Chief Guest.

In this competition , over which 97 entries were received. Out of these, 10 selected entries were displayed at the venue, and 3 best entries were selected. The function was attended by about 120 members including members of IEI Faridabad Local Centre and faculty of Government Polytechnic College for Women, Faridabad.

The Technical Session for World Water Day was organized on 22nd March 2018 at K Hotel Faridabad. The event was attended by 31 members.The function was inaugurated by lighting the lamp of knowledge by Mr. Subhash CHANDER, Mr. Sameer Kumar, Mr. K.K. Narula, Ms. Kiran Chander.

Chairman Mr. Subhash CHANDER in his opening address gave brief background of World Water Day, and mentioned that U.N. has declared Year-2018 as NATURE FOR WATER. He stressed the need to Conserve water and use it judiciously, so that all of us can have Clean and Fresh Water availability all the time.


AMIE Faridabad Local Center
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 10.17.36 PM
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 10.18.07 PM
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 10.18.12 PM
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 10.19.08 PM
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-21 at 2.33.37 PM
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Dr. Pradeep Kumar , Associate Professor, YMCA during his speech mentioned about the Conservation of water in the medieval period. He emphasized in his speech that healthy ecosystems are important to secure water supplies, while water supplies to maintain healthy ecosystems are critical.

Mr. I.S. Chauhan , Architectural and Structural Consultant shared that green infrastructure and grey infrastructure play an important role in water management. Green Infrastructure refers to strategic use of networks of natural lands, working landscapes to conserve ecosystem whereas grey infrastructure refers to human engineered infrastructure for water resources such as water and waste water treatment plants, pipelines and reservoirs.

Er. Sameer Kumar, Convener, Technical Committee emphasized that awareness is needed about the importance of proper utilization of water. He mentioned that Cape Town could become first major city in world to run out of water after 90 day warning. He stressed upon 5 water saving tips.

Commendation Certificates and medals were awarded for the first three best entries of Painting Competition.

Mr. Sameer Kumar, Convener, Technical Committee concluded the session with Vote of Thanks and expressed his gratitude to all participants, including the Students of painting competition. He emphasized for the collective Pledge that, we all should endeavor to put in our best efforts to conserve the precious Resource, so as to inherit Clean and Fresh water for our next Generation as a basic necessity, for improved and healthier living, by avoiding Water Pollution and Wastage.

One day Interactive session attended by Chairman (Er. Subhash CHANDER) & Honorary secretary (Er. Sandeep Handa) at ESCI Hyderabad. To read more about chairman experience during visit click here or check news section  Institution of Engineers - Faridabad Local center (AMIE)
3rd FLCC Meeting held on 3rd Feb 2018 at Hotel Magpie Faridabad.
Technical Activity of FARIDABAD LOCAL CENTER Published in Newsletter of The institution of Engineers India Newsletter  on Page 19 to check in details click below.

National Energy Conservation Day

IEIFBDLC Thanks to all members & Team JCB for active participation in the National Energy Conservation Day held on 14th December 2017 at JCB, Ballabhgarh.

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Some Glimpses of 8th Annual General Meeting Dated on 28 October 2017

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Engineers Day 2017


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Technical Event on IOT 2017

Technical Event on IOT (Internet of Things and IT Standards) dated 17th May 2017 at MRIU Faridabad. Technical demonstration by Er. Sameer Kumar (Electecd Member -Mechanical Engineering) and Er. Pankaj Kumar  (Elected Member - Computer Science and Engineering).

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Committee Meeting 2017

Executive Committee Meeting on 25th March 2017

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Lecture Meeting 2017

Lecture Meeting on Problem Solving tools and technologies - Skill development Dated 25th Feb 2017

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