About us

The Institution of Engineers (INDIA) is an All India Organization working towards promoting advancement of Science, Technology and Engineering Knowledge. The Institution, with a Membership of over 7.6 Lakhs, interacts with Industries, Government and Local Administrations, participating in development of projects and related services in the field of Education. Engineering examinations held by the Institution are recognized by Govt. and Universities as equivalent to Engineering Degree. Memberships and Fellowships are offered on the basis of Engineer’s knowledge and experience. IEI has Forum / Division Board for activities in different sectors.

With the inauguration of FARIDABAD LOCAL CENTRE on 25th Nov. 2009, the Engineering Fraternity in Faridabad has an activity centre of its own, and the students who had to go to Delhi for A.M.I.E. examinations, also have been benefited by having necessary facilities in Faridabad. Engineering graduates and Practicing Engineers now have service locally available to enroll and upgrade their Membership of the Institution. Examination centre has been established in Faridabad at YMCA UST for students appearing for A.M.I.E. Section “A” exams. Guidance is available for students for these exams and for making Project Reports. The facilities for Lab Experiments are also available for Section – B students at MRIU, Faridabad.

Operating from YMCA University Campus presently, the Centre holds several events annually for creating awareness of social importance like Engineers Day, World Environment Day, Water Resources Day, World Standard day. With different themes every year, these Programmes focus on different aspects on issues of Global and local importance to make the world and our city a better place. In addition, technical seminars are also held which provide platform for Engineers and Industry Personnel to exchange innovative ideas in different fields.