Minutes of the Technical Sub Committee Meeting held on 25 th May 2019

The Institution of Engineers (India)


Minutes of the Technical Sub Committee Meeting held on 25 th May 2019 at
1100 hrs at Microprocessor Lab, YMCA UST, Faridabad.
Following Members were present :-
1. Er. Subhash CHANDER(Chairman)
2. Er. Sandeep Handa (Honorary Secretary)
3. Er. K.R. Gupta (Convener)
4. Er. N.D. Arora
5. Dr. Pradeep Kumar
6. Er. D.K. Dewan
7. Er. Pankaj Kumar
Honorary Secretary Er. Sandeep Handa welcomed all the members present.
ITEM 1 To prepare, plan and decide the Technical Activity

Calendar for the year 2019-20.

1.1 The Technical Activity Calendar for the year 2019-20 was prepared
and agreed upon.
ITEM 2 To discuss about upcoming event World Environment Day

on 5 th June 2019.

2.1 It was shared to all the members that the theme for World

Environment Day is “Air Pollution”.

2.2 It was decided to hold a panel discussion on the theme and
panel will be consisting of Er. K.R. Gupta; member from L & T;
Environment Division Board (MRIU); and member from

2.3 Since we cannot conduct this event in any of the colleges as
students are having their exams in the month of May, therefore
it was decided to hold the event in any other place other than
colleges. 5 th June 2019 is Id and a holiday, so we have to find a
private location (Restaurant/ Hotel).

2.4 The event will be of 2 hours on 5 th June 2019 from 1700 hrs to
1900 hrs. The venue for the event will be finalized soon.

With no other points, Convener adjourned the meeting.

Er. K.R. Gupta, FIE
Convener , Technical Committee