Minutes of FLCC Meeting held on 2nd July 2018

The Institution of Engineers (India)


Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 2
nd July

2018 at 18000 hrs at Centre office, YMCA University, Faridabad.
9 Members confirmed attending the meeting.
Following Members were present :-
1. Er. Subhash CHANDER (Chairman)
2. Er. Sandeep Handa (Honorary Secretary)
3. Er. N.D. Arora
4. Er. K.K. Gupta
5. Er. A.K. Sehgal
6. Er. Sushil K bajaj
7. Er. I.S. Chauhan
8. Er. Sameer Kumar
9. Er. Pankaj Kumar

The following members were not present in the meeting-
1. Er. J.P. Singh

2. Er. Manu Bindra
3. Er. K.R. Gupta
4. Er. D.K. Dewan
5. Er. K.K. Narula
6. Er. J.P. Malhotra
7. Er. H.S. Dahiya
8. Sq. Ldr. C.L. Khosla
9. Er. Pradeep Mallah
10.Er. Anil Kumar Sharma
11.Dr. Pradeep Kumar
1 (a) Chairman, Er. Subhash Chander welcomed all the members
present and National Anthem was sung by all the members.
1(b) Presence of Er. I.S. Chauhan was appreciated by all the members
to come all the way from Gurgaon despite being unwell and
suffering from fever.

1(c) For maximum participation weekend was found most probable for
FLCC Meetings. So, for next FLCC meeting it was unanimously
agreed for Saturday, 4th August 2018 at venue other than office
probably NSIC, Faridabad.

1(d) It was suggested by all members to send the Minutes of the

meeting in pdf format.

ITEM 1 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Last FLCC

Meeting held on 2

nd July 2018

1.1 Minutes of the last meeting was approved by house unanimously.
1.2 Er. N.D. Arora suggested having responses/replies in the interest of all
members while communicating anything in FLCC Committee. So
preferably mails should be in CC. All members unanimously agreed to it.

1.3 It was informed by Hon’ Secretary that this has already been brought
into practice since 23

rd June 2018 after Er. N D Arora earlier
1.4 suggested in the last Finance Sub Committee Meeting.
ITEM 2 To discuss about office space for IE(I) Faridabad Local


2.1 It was informed to the house that we have received 2nd reminder

about vacant notice.

2.2 It was also informed that all the water pipelines are not

functioning and there is poor water supply in the office.

2.3 Er. N.D. Arora suggested to look for other options to buy own

floor or building.

2.4 Er. Sushil Bajaj suggested to look for value options across Canal

in Neharpaar.

2.5 It was suggested to follow up with VC, YMCA for Office Space at
YMCA only . A core committee was formed comprising Er. Sushil
Bajaj, Er. K.K. Gupta, Er. Sameer Kumar, Er. Subhash Chander,
and Er. Sandeep Handa to meet with VC for office space.

2.6 Er. K.K. Gupta suggested that all bullet points should be made
about earlier interactions/meetings held with VC to avoid last
minute confusion. This will be circulated by this weekend.

ITEM 3 To inform and share the upcoming Technical Activities in

coming month and low participation of members.

3.1 Next slide depicted the conduction of 3 events in the month (April
– June 2018). It was also embarrassing that only 7-8 corporate
members attended these technical events.

3.2 Er. N.D. Arora suggested having events at the weekend for
maximum participation where in the challenge of Institutional
participation is evident.

3.3 Er. K.K. Gupta suggested giving specific responsibilities to the
FLCC committee members so that they can actively participate in
the event.

3.4 Er. Subhash Chander suggested that at least FLCC members
should take a vow to actively participate in all the technical

3.5 It was pointed out by Chairman, Er. Subhash Chander that
participation of FLCC members is too low in FLCC meetings. So
during the meeting it was agreed upon invoking the clause Bye
Laws, Regulations for State Centre and Local Centre Clause 4(f)
pg 40 that “A Member of the State/ Local Centre who does not
attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee in a session
without valid reasons will automatically cease to be a Member of
the Committee from the date of the fourth meeting”.

3.6 Chairman offered to have one of the FLCC meeting at his office.
3.7 All the members were informed that we will have a Lecture
meeting on Mobile Technology at Govt. Polytechnic College for
Women, Faridabad. Er. K.K. Narula will coordinate with
polytechnic college for the event.

3.8 Er. Sameer Kumar suggested approaching Local Hindi newspapers
for publication and media coverage of our technical events.
3.9 Er. Subhash Chander will take initiative for event publication in


3.10 The core committee for draft scrutiny of reports to be published in

Hindi /English newspaper was formed:-
(i) Er. N.D. Arora for draft scrutiny in English
(ii) Er. Sushil K Bajaj for draft Scrutiny in English
(iii) Er. Subhash Chander for draft scrutiny in Hindi
(iv) Er. Sameer Kumar for draft scrutiny in Hindi.

3.11 Er. Subhsh Chander and Er. Sushil K Bajaj will coordinate for One day
workshop in Solar Technology in the month of August.
ITEM 4 To discuss about two day All India Seminar on Internet of

Things at YMCA UST

4.1 It was discussed to hold two days All India Seminar in the month
of October. Er Sandeep Handa to submit the schedule of this to
HO in the requisite Performa so that we could get special grants
and participation from HO

4.2 Er. N.D Arora was given responsibility to invite Centre Council


4.3 The detailed format for All India Seminar will be sent to HQ by 7th
July 2018. After getting approval from HQ, we will proceed it from
our end and will inform thereafter.

ITEM 5 To discuss about Engineers Day on 15th September 2018
5.1 All the members were informed about the mail received from
Director (EEA), HQ about Engineers Day Celebration. Mail

5.2 It was suggested to hold the event at Hotel Park Plaza/ Hotel


5.3 The sponsors for the event will be arranged by Er. Subhash

Chander and Er. Sushil Bajaj, Er. I.S. Chauhan.

5.4 Tentatively it was suggested to look at the option of inviting VC
YMCA as Chief Guest and Guest of Honours who support the
cause for sponsorship.

5.5 Call for paper will be invited by Er. Sandeep Handa.
5.6 Paper scrutiny will be done by following members:-

(i) Er. K K Gupta
(ii) Er. N.D. Arora
(iii)Er. Sameer Kumar

5.7 The Event Management Committee for this event are:-

(i) Er. J.P. Singh
(ii) Er. Manu Bindra
(iii) Er. K.R. Gupta
(iv)Er. K.K. Narula

5.8 Souvenir will also be published in the event. Advertising material

should also be collected.

ITEM 6 To inform the activities and achievements of office.
6.1 Technical Reports of 3 events were submitted timely.
6.2 Examinations of Summer 2018 were conducted successfully

without any untoward incident.

6.3 Balance Sheet for the year 2017-18 was submitted timely.
6.4 Long due issue of membership of VC, YMCA was resolved and
certificate was given with honour on World Environment Day
held on 5th June 2018.

6.5 Long due TA/DA Claim of Hon’ Secretary and Chairman was

received from HQ in the month of June 2018.

6.6 Long due Balance Payment of Winter 2017 Examination was

received from HQ in the month of June 2018.

ITEM 7 Any other item
7.1 It was informed to all the members that we have received a mail
from Director (EEA) to conduct Guidance classes at Faridabad
Local Centre which will be an added benefit to add points for Best
Local Centre Award.

7.2 It was suggested to have guidance classes at YMCA and Chairman
and Hon’ Secretary will discuss this matter with VC, YMCA.
7.3 It was informed to all the members that we have received a mail
for filling up the form for Best Local Centre Award by 16th Aug

With no other points Chairman adjourned the meeting.
The highlight of the meeting was the unanimous observation and
appreciation by all the members for the TIME Management of
having STATRTED the meeting ON TIME and having closed the
meeting ON TIME …
This is a healthy practice and every one suggested that this
should be maintained in future meetings and set a good example
for all IEI FLCC meetings

Er. Sandeep Handa FIE
Honorary Secretary