Minutes of 2nd FLCC Meeting held on 30th Dec 2017

The Institution of Engineers (India)


Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 30 th Dec 2017 at 1630 hrs at Centre office, YMCA University, Faridabad. 13 Members confirmed attending the meeting.

Following Members were present :-

1. Er. Subhash CHANDER (Chairman)

2. Er. Sandeep Handa (Honorary Secretary)

3. Er. Pankaj Kumar

4. Er. N.D. Arora

5. Er. Sushil K Bajaj

6. Er. Pradeep Mallah

7. Dr. Pradeep Kumar

8. Er. K.K. Narula

9. Er. Manu Bindra

10. Er. Sameer Kumar

11. Er. A.K. Sehgal

12. Er. J.P. Malhotra

13. Er. K.R. Gupta

The following members were not present in the meeting-

1. Sq. Ldr. C.L. Khosla

2. Er. K.K. Gupta

3. Er. I.S. Chauhan

4. Er. Anil Kumar Sharma

5. Er. H.S.Dahiya

6. Er. J.P. Singh

7. Er. D.K. Dewan


Chairman Er. Subhash Chander welcomed all the members present and National Anthem was sung by all the members. It was informed to all the members that since in the 1 st FLCC Meeting the power and back up was

unavailable, there were no presentations shown. This time meeting will be held with the help of Power Point Presentation.

ITEM 1 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Last FLCC Meeting held on 25 th November 2017

1.1 Minutes of the last meeting was approved by house unanimously.

ITEM 2 To inform the house about the successful celebration of Energy Conservation Day

2.1 It was informed to the house that Energy Conservation Day was celebrated on 14 th Dec 2017 at JCB, Ballabhgarh.

2.2 The Technical Activity Report of Energy Conservation Day in the Standard Format from IE(I) HQ was shared with the members. Everyone applauded the same.

ITEM 3 To share the synopsis of different Sub Committee Meetings held in the month of Dec 2017

3.1 It was shared to all the members that two Finance Sub Committee Meetings were held on 25 th Nov 2017 and 16 th Dec


The Highlights of the meeting were as follows:-

(a) Complete process of Capital Purchase has been put in place for battery of Inverter.

(b) A Laptop was approved for requirement in the office as well as during the various events and meeting.

(c) The budget for Current Financial year will be mailed to the Finance Sub Committee Member.

3.2 It was informed to the house that Land and Building Sub Committee Meeting were held on 16 th Dec 2017. The Highlights of the meeting were as follows:-

(a) Exchange of views and ideas for the current status of the office was shared.

(b) The option of acquiring own office was highlighted and the Sub Committee was requested to work on this


(c) The necessary repairs have been carried out for the safety of the office staff and visitors.

3.3 It was informed that Technical Subcommittee Meeting was held on 20 th Dec 2017. The Highlights of the meeting were as follows:-

(a) The events to be held in the month of January were shared.

ITEM 4 To inform and share the upcoming activities in the month of January

4.1 It was informed that we are planning to hold a programme on Industrial Safety which will be held tentatively on 27 th Jan 2018.

4.2 There was a detailed discussion for online quiz contest initiation. All the members gave various views and discussed pros and cons of the activity. The following were consented upon-

(a) To start the event in January and see the response for the next 3 month.

(b) Currently, the quiz would be for IE (I) members only.

(c) The recognition and prize money would be settled by Technical Sub Committee and approved by Finance Sub Committee.

(d) A question data bank would be the responsibility of Er. Sameer Kumar. The conduct of the Online Quiz Contest would be the responsibility of Er. Pankaj Kumar.

ITEM 5 To inform the activities and achievements of Office

5.1 The tasks and responsibilities of all three office bearers were also shared. It was highlighted that currently all the challenges have been taken care and resolved.

5.2 Long due issue of using ieindia.org mail ID from HQ resolved on 27 th Nov 2017. From that day onwards, all communication to HQ is done through faridabadlc@ieindia.org.

5.3 Long due issue of Balance Payment of Win 2016 Examination got resolved. We have received Rs. 10,308/- against Rs. 11,750/-claimed.

5.4 General Concerns of the Students is allotment of Project Guide which is regularly taken care of and alternate Project Guides are managed and students are linked with them.

5.3 The following achievements were highlighted- 

(a) 7 New Corporate Members were enrolled in the month of Nov 2017.

(b) Balance Payment of Win 2016 Examination of Rs. 10,308/-.

(c) 17 New Non Corporate members were enrolled in the month of Nov 2017.

(d) Incentive of Rs. 6000/- received for timely submission of audited accounts.

ITEM 6 Any other point with the permission of the Chair

6.1 A complete deliberation of offering to host the National Council Meeting in Faridabad under the hosting of Faridabad Local Centre. All the members present unanimously voted and supported the offer.

6.2 Er. J.P. Malhotra and Er. N.D. Arora nominated themselves as volunteer for the core Committee formation and the follow up for the event with HQ. Er. N.D. Arora volunteered to actively coordinate and support the proposal from National Council

Members. With no other points Chairman adjourned the meeting

ITEM 7 Networking for the committee members a high tea were arranged.

Er. Sandeep Handa FIE

Honorary Secretary