Dear Alumni and Students,

I write to you regarding the ongoing issue of equivalence of our Section A & B (AMIE) examination by the Ministry of HRD.

It is important, at this stage to realize that the IEI has been conducting this AMIE examination system since 1928 and it is much later that other professional societies came up with similar examination systems. The environment at large, is very much aware of the pre-eminence of IEI in conducting these examinations and our high standards in this regard has been widely acclaimed and acknowledged.

Although, it is unwise to comment on a case which is sub-judice, however,  I would like to assure you all, our worthy students and Alumni, on my behalf and that of the Council of IEI, that the case is being followed up vigorously in all its dimensions with the concerned stakeholders.

I once again request all our students and Alumni for your understanding of the issues at this juncture and the need to uphold the dignity and ethos of our Institution in all our actions.

Er T M Gunaraja

President, IEI