Certificate of Competency for International Professional Engineers

Certificate of Competency for International Professional Engineers

Under the mandate of the Royal Charter, conferred on 13 Aug, 1935 and by virtue of being full member of IPEA, The Institution of Engineers (India) grants Certificate of Competence to the engineers by way of International Professional Engineer Certification known as IntPE (India).

International Professional Engineer (IntPE) Certification enables engineering professionals to advance their career aspiration in wide ranging ways. The Institution of Engineers (India) has a robust assessment process as per International Standard.BTech, Engineering, Engineers

Considering the high standards required of competence for the engineering profession, IntPE Certification not only enhances an engineering professional’s stature, but also makes them suitable to attain higher levels of authority and responsibility. The contribution to career advancement is among the most important benefits of IntPE Certified professional. Also IntPE Certification facilitates an engineer for mobility and he may obtain credit while relocating to the member countries of IPEA.

It is envisaged that due to the growing requirement of competent engineers in the Country, in future, only a certified professional engineer may prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients. With the growing economy and massive expansion of infrastructure, the market demand of IntPE certified engineers are expected to be much higher. Rising to the occasion, The Institution of Engineers (India)has taken up this important responsibility of certifying the competency of engineers by way of International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Certification and in short will be called as IntPE (India). The Register for IntPE Certified Engineers for India shall be maintained by IEI.

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The complete details of IntPE certification process, the guidelines and the forms are available on IEI website (www.ieindia.org).