Dear Sir,

 The Institution of Engineers (India) Faridabad Local centre in association with YMCA University of Science & Technology is organizing a design competition to celebrate World Standards’ Day.

The Topic for the Design would be-

“International Standards & the Fourth Industrial Revolution “

During our past celebrations, we had an excellent and fruitful cooperation and Participation especially from your Team.  In this event also we look forward for active participation and expect good nos. of papers on the above subject from interested participants.

How do you participate?

1.   Think of a problem happening in Faridabad/Haryana/India that you could solve if you had access to the latest technologies: artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, internet of things, 3D printing, virtual reality, etc. Dream big! Don’t be afraid to imagine how this technology could evolve in the future.

  1. But also think of what could go wrong! What challenges, safety or practical concerns will you face when putting this solution in place?
  1. Propose international standards (real or imagined) that could help solve some of these problems (just say what kind of standard it would be, for example, an information security standard, and what it does, for example, gives guidance for encrypting information).

 An example of what your submission could look like.

Draw / animate your idea showing: problem + solution + how international standards help. Anything from stick figures, to drawings, to digitally rendered design, or even a 30 second animation!

  1. Submit your artwork by uploading an IMAGE/VIDEO/ Write-up file to your college coordinator.

 The College Coordinator will select 5 best entries and will mail the file to pkdimri@gmail.com.

 Make sure to comply with all the rules.

 How do we pick a winner?

We will make a shortlist of our favorite stories and designs using the following criteria:  

  • Does the story provide a clear example of how an advanced technology (artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, quantum computing, nanotechnology, etc.) can solve a problem in a town, village, city or country?
  • Is the design related to Faridabad/ Haryana/ India?
  • Does the story show how International Standards help the solution/technology to work smoothly? (for example, by solving safety concerns, connectivity issues, security, compatibility, etc.)
  • Is the story told graphically? Any text should be in English.
  • Are all the requirements and rules met?

We like imagination, creativity and originality. Feel free to imagine what technology can do or will do in the future, rather than just what it can do now. This is meant to be a fun contest, not a scientific study!


Shortlisted 6 Entries will be communicated to the respective participants / College Coordinator and participants will give their presentation on their designs on 14th October 2018.

The best 3 presentation (s) will be awarded on the day as decided by jury.

Important Dates

Last date of receipt of Entries by College Coordinator

8th October 2018

Confirmation of Acceptance of Entries

10th October 2018

Presentation by shortlisted candidates

14th October 2018

Distribution of Awards

14th October 2018

We look forward to your active participation.


Er. Sandeep Handa , FIE

Honorary Secretary