World Water Day coverage published in the IEI News Aug edition

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The Chief Guest Dr Dinesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, YMMCA, urged that it is the duty of each one of us to ensure that the quest for material prosperity does not compromise our environment. The Guest-of-Honour Mr J P Malhotra, President, DLF Industries Association, stressed that let us pledge to make sensible use of plastic and relying on reusable products only as much as we can. Earlier, Mr Subhash Chander, Chairman of the Centre, explained that while plastics have many uses, we have become over reliant on single use or disposable plastics. Ms Charu Smitha Malhotra, CEO, TAP DC, deliberated that it is the high time that we realize the use of plastics is really hazardous and we should take a pledge to give up plastics. Ms B K Sister Poonam, Brahmakumari, stressed on cleaning the mindset of the people to keep the environment clean. The Guest Speaker from Singapore, Ms Kim Underhill suggested some methods to avoid the use of plastics. Mr Sandeep Handa, Honorary Secretary of the Centre highlighted the ill effects of using plastics. Mr K K Narula proposed the vote of thanks.