Minutes of Committee Meeting 22nd March  2019

Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 22nd March  2019 at 1830 hrs at Haryana State Productivity Council, Faridabad.  

11 Members confirmed attending the meeting.

Following Members were present :-

  1. Subhash CHANDER (Chairman)
  2. Sandeep Handa (Honorary Secretary)
  3. J.P. Singh
  4. Sushil K Bajaj
  5. K.R. Gupta
  6. N.D. Arora
  7. K.K. Gupta
  8. K.K. Narula
  9. J.P. Malhotra
  10. Pradeep Kumar
  11. A.K. Sehgal
  12. Pradeep Mallah
  13. Pankaj Kumar

The following members were not present in the meeting-

  1. Er. Manu Bindra
  2. Er. D.K. Dewan
  3. Er. H.S. Dahiya
  4. Sq. Ldr. C.L. Khosla
  5. Er. I.S. Chauhan
  6. Er. Sameer Kumar
  7. Er. Anil Kumar Sharma


Chairman, Er. Subhash Chander welcomed all the members present and National Anthem was sung by all the members.

ITEM 1        To consider and approve the Minutes of the Last FLCC Meeting held on 19th January 2019

  • Minutes of the last meeting was approved by house unanimously.

ITEM 2        To discuss about upcoming Technical Events

 2.1              The house was informed about the upcoming statutory days in the coming months.

2.2              Honorary Secretary elucidated that the activities of various Sub Committees has been very lukewarm. There has to be a special thrust and participation from various Sub Committees. Again, a reminder would be sent to Sub Committee Convener for carrying out the respective activities.

2.3              Technical Committee Convener was suggested to plan and share additional Technical Activities other than Statutory Days for the formulation of the Technical Activity Calendar for the session 2019-20.

 ITEM 3        To discuss about office space

 3.1              The ongoing challenge of office space was discussed and explained that current premises would be demolished as we received a notice to vacate the premises till 31st arch 2019.

3.2              Honorary Secretary deliberated about the meeting with Vice Chancellor Prof Dinesh Kumar, YMCA wherein he verebally agreed to look into this matter and assured us to gve office space in the premises. Although the date and time has not been committed by him.

3.3              Faridabad Local Centre has been receiving regular notice for vacating and these notices are general in nature as this notice is being issued to those labourers and other staff members who are residing in the Quarters illegally.

3.4              Meanwhile, there is a strong feeling and observation to finally look for alternate office space.

3.5              Honorary Secretary suggested a focus approach for this and Chairman took upon the responsibility to explore the possibility for securing the place at NHPC for office block.  

ITEM 4        To discuss about ongoing litigation

 4.1              The case was deliberated and updated. The members present unanimously agreed for the course of action to settle as soon as possible wherein compensation would be the factor to be resolved.

4.2              Chairman and Honorary Secretary was authorized to look into this and has been given all support and authority to settle reasonably with the help of advocate as well as if possible external pressure to look for in the resolution.

ITEM 5        To discuss about Library

 5.1              Library usage was discussed wherein all the members shared existing challenges like space, access to the books.

5.2              It was concluded to keep it as on basis till the new office and location are worked upon.

 ITEM 6        Any other item

 6.1              The third party agreement for the existing staff of the office which was discussed in the last meeting was discussed and deliberated. Honorary secretary informed that draft agreement has been sent to Director (admin) for the approval for the same. The same were approved unanimously by all committee members.

6.2              A follow up is being taken by Honorary Secretary with Director (Admin). On approval from Head Quarter, the necessary action would be completed.                   

With no other points Chairman adjourned the meeting.

Er. Sandeep Handa,  FIE

Honorary Secretary 




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