Minutes of Meeting held on 25th Jan 2020

The Institution of Engineers (India)


Minutes of the Faridabad Local Centre Committee Meeting held on 25th Jan 2020 at 06.00 p.m. at Hotel Ekant, Sector 17 Market, Faridabad.  

13 Members confirmed attending the meeting.

Following Members were present :-

 Sandeep Handa (Chairman)

  1. Kuldip Raj Gupta (Honorary Secretary)
  2. J.P. Singh
  3. Manu Bindra
  4. Pradeep Mallah
  5. Pritpal Singh
  6. D.K. Dewan
  7. Sushil Bajaj
  8. Pradeep Kumar
  9. Lovkesh Ahuja
  10. A.K. Gupta
  11. Pankaj Kumar
  12. N.K. Tiwari

Following members were not present in the meeting-

  1. Subhash Chander
  2. Vikram Singh Batra
  3. I.S. Chauhan
  4. J.P. Malhotra
  5. A.K. Sehgal


Er. Sandeep Handa welcomed all the members present and National Anthem was sung by all members on the eve of Republic Day celebration. Birthday of Er. Manu Bindra was celebrated by cutting cake ceremony and all the members wished him for health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

ITEM 1        Formulation of Committees for activities planning of National Seminar in 3rd week of April. Venue and number of speakers to be decided.

 Activity planning for conduct of National Seminar is under progress.

  • Venue to be finalized between NHPC and Manav Rachna.
  • Twenty four speakers are to be arranged for two days National Seminar.

ITEM 1.1    To decide new date and venue for safety seminar. Scheduled Seminar could not take place on 18th Jan 2020 due to request by speakers. Next Statutory requirement for Technical Activity is World Water Day on 22nd March 2020


                   One day safety seminar shall be organized on 15th or 18th Feb 2020.

ITEM 2        Optimization of membership growth on the basis of Activity planning, execution plan to be finalized.

 2.1              Each FLCC members will try to get 2-4 new members for membership growth.

2.2              Present list of members in NHPC,YMCA, Lingayas, MRIIRS shall be made for analysis and subsequently taking action for membership growth.

2.3              One separate table and display will be provided in all our technical activities to attract membership growth.

2.4              Er. K.K. Narula and Er. Pankaj Kumar will visit Govt. Polytechnic, MRIIRS and Lingayas for membership growth.

ITEM 3        To appraise FLCC regarding meeting with VC, YMCA on New Year Day and update regarding status of present office.

3.1              To get more space for our office is in progress with VC/ Registrar

3.2              Er. Sushil Bajaj has visited office and has taken layout plan for estimation of furniture.

ITEM 4        To induct members in FLCC from vacant branches- Chemical and Agriculture

 4.1              New member Er. N.K. Tiwari has been inducted in our FLCC from Chemical branch. Efforts are being made to get members from Agriculture branch in FLCC.

ITEM 5        To update FLCC regarding progress of legal case

 Negotiations to resolve the long pending issue is under progress.

ITEM 6        Any other point

6.1              All the present members contributed Rs. 500/- each as a gift for the marriage of daughter of our FLCC member Er. I.S. Chauhan. Total amount of Rs. 11,000/- shall be delivered on 1st Feb 2020 to Er. I.S. Chauhan after contribution of balance amount from IE(I) account.                  

                    With no other points Chairman adjourned the meeting.

 Er. Kuldip Raj Gupta, FIE

Honorary Secretary